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Shortening JKS 3100 Quicker Disconnects for a P38A Range Rover

After overhauling my front axle (ball joints, CV boots, seals, etc), I decided to install a set of sway bar quick disconnects. The aftermarket for P38A Range Rovers is pretty lacking in this department. Luckily, I came across a great P38A Range Rover coil suspension lift page and the author used JKS 3100 Quicker Disconnects meant for a WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee with 0-3.5" of lift. I have the Atlantic British Heavy Duty coil conversion kit, which is less lift than the author of that page. They are about 3" longer than the stock links and I thought they might cause the sway bar to contact the track/tie rod during full suspension compression. So, I decided to shorten the links a little bit to prevent this. The JKS QD links are very high quality and they have about 1.5" of female threads. I decided to trim about 0.5" of the female threads and ditch the adjustment lock nut to achieve a shorter length without sacrificing much strength or adjustability. I marked 0.5" up the female end and 1.35" up the male end. I decided to cut them while threaded together to preserve the threads. I cut through the female threads and into the male threads around the circumference without cutting all the way through the male end. This approach allowed me to easily back out the male end to clean up the remaining female threads, finish cutting the male end, and back off the trimmed female piece to clean up the remaining male threads.

The shortened links are almost 1" shorter, but still 2" longer than stock. They still have about 2" of extension adjustability if I decide to lift the suspension more. Installation was easy. I just had to drill out the mounting holes a little larger. When the sway bar is disconnected, some parachute cord easily holds the sway bar to the radius arm and off of the track/tie rod. At this length, there is about 1.6" of clearance with everything level. When I compressed the suspension some, the sway bar to track/tie rod clearance changed about 0.25" per inch of spring compression. With about 5" to the bump stop, that would only require 1.25" of clearance, so I think it should be fine with this length of sway bar link.

I eventually thought the paracord solution wasn't sturdy enough, so I made a bracket from 1.5"x0.125" angle. It holds the sway bar up off the track rod and high enough that it should never snag on anything while reversing off road.