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Mini Maglite Mods

I just bought a USA-made Mini Maglite LED and it rocks. It is bright, well made, solid, and weather proof. I tested it under a foot of water for half an hour and it was still shining brightly. Subsequent disassembly revealed no water past any of the o-ring type seals. The only thing I could think of to make it better is a way to turn it into a headlamp for hands-free use. Various headband-type holders exist on Amazon and EBay, but I made one myself for next to nothing. I only needed a key ring that fit the hole in the battery cap and 32" of 550 parachute cord.

Form a double-overhand (aka fisherman's) slip knot on each end of the rope. If you don't know how to tie one, check this great knot site for inspiration. The double-overhand slip knot is similar to one half of the double fisherman's climbing knot looped and tied around itself. Other knots may work, but I have found that this one stays tied very tight and it allows adjustability.

Put one slip knot through the key ring, attach the key ring to the flashlight, and tighten the other slip knot just behind the reflector on the cylindrical body of the flashlight. This is the configuration that may be worn hands-free around your head. Adjust the slip knot through the key ring to get the correct size of the head-band. Tighten the double-overhand knot of the slip knot to make sure it will not become loose while you are wearing it. It may not be comfortable enough to run a marathon with, but I have no problem walking the dogs or working on our cars with it. Although it is less comfortable than my purpose-build Black Diamond LED headlamp, it is more durable, versatile, weatherproof, and cost effective.

Loosen the slip knot on the body of the flashlight. If you make it big enough to fit your hand through, it also makes a very secure wrist lanyard.

You can detach the key ring from the flashlight, feed the rope through the belt loop of the holster, and attach the other slip knot to the key ring for storage.